Dark Days EP

by Left And Leaving

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released June 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Left And Leaving Canada, Kansas

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Track Name: Home
below these hate-filled streets
i can escape from everything
don't have to speak to anyone about anything
and that just feels right to me

i stare up at the ceiling
it's dark and cold and i can't feel anything
this is my escape from humanity
this is my new home
Track Name: Sad
you can't tell me i'm fine anymore
my faith's been taken by apathy
those words don't do a damn thing for me
and for what it's worth
i know things aren't the same
my head is too far gone
it's consumed by negativity
and there's no turning back
there is no place for me

i can't believe how much time has gone by
been wasting my time on wasting my life
and all these questions have been building up in my mind
i've come to realize all the answers, i'll never find
most days i feel worthless
like there's nothing to live for
there's no reason to fight it
i feel like i don't love anything anymore

what can you do when all you feel is pain
looking back on your life
knowing it will never be the same
you've worked so hard but you will never see the gain
you've tried so hard but this world has brought you pain

these are all dark days
nothing to feel but pain
these are sleepless nights
i know things will never be the same

these are all dark days
you can't escape the pain
these are sleepless nights
i hope to god i find peace someday
Track Name: Long Nights
i miss when things were simple
when i could actually fall asleep at night
this world has taken it's toll on me
this town this pattern my life
im so tired of everything
im so tired of everything
and i've spent my days just counting time
i know that i have been wasting my life

live in the past cause history repeats
no faith no hope in anyone i meet
long nights long shot in the dark
abandoned soul that's been beaten from the start
no love no grace no question of worth
no amount of prayer could take me from this earth
so when i'm faced with all these nightmares that haunt me
i turn away and tell myself to keep breathing
oh i keep breathing
i tell myself to keep my head up
i tell myself it's just a phase
tell me when this will fucking end

well i've had enough
someone take this burden away from me
i pray to god every damn day
but i think he stopped listening to me

i fucking hate this place
i fucking hate myself
i fucking hate that it all turned out like this
i fucking hate this place
i fucking hate myself
everything that i love is wasting away